CATEGORY I: SIMPLE DESIGN – for minimal risk only

For gloves of simple design offering protection from low level risks where the consequences are reversible, e.g cleaning gloves. Manufactures are permitted to test and certify gloves themselves.

CATEGORY II: INTERMEDIATE DESIGN – for intermediate risk

Gloves designed to protect against intermediate risk (not cover within category 1 and 3), e.g mechanical protective gloves requiring good cut, puncture and abrasion performance, must subjected to independent testing and certification by a Notified Body. Only these approved Bodies (which have their own identification number) may issue a CE mark.


CE Marking Sample

CATEGORY III: COMPLEX DESIGN – for irreversible or mortal risk

Gloves designed to protect against the highest levels of risk e.g. chemical protection, must be either tested annually by a Notified Body or the quality assurance system used by the manufacturer to guarantee homogeneity of production must be independently and annually checked by a Notified Body.


CE Marking Sample

Example of Product Marking

Product Marking